Kids Boys Girls Youth 43mm BMX Soft Rubber Coated Wayfarer Sunglasses

These wayfarer sunglasses for kids are made of Rubber cover plastic and feature color mirrored lenses. The lenses have a UV400 coating to help protect children's eyes from damaging UV rays. Kids will not only be fashionable, but well protected with these classy shades. The frames come in matte black, and the lenses come in the following colors: revo orange/red, revo yellow/gold, revo green and revo blue

  • Hillcrusher Micro Fiber Storage Cleaning Bag.
  • Frame: Black Rubber Cover Wayfarer-High Impact. Ages 3 - 10
  • Lens: Revo Mirrored -UV400 Coating.
  • Compliance: Exceeds 86/686/EEC-EN1836-1997 Impact Resistance.

Type: Sports

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